News | Jan 11, 2023

Frisch Will Seek Reelection to School Board

Providence District Representative says he will protect local schools from “risky Richmond political experiments.”
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News | Nov 04, 2022

Fairfax County School Board Approves First Solar Contract

Last night, the Fairfax County School Board voted unanimously to approve a pilot rooftop solar power program.
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News | Aug 19, 2022

Students Will No Longer Wait for Buses on Blake Lane

FCPS has made 22 bus stop changes. Six stops will remain on Blake Lane due to roadway constraints, but NO students will wait on Blake Lane.
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News | Jul 12, 2022

School Board Takes Step Toward Family Planning Benefit Parity for LGBTQ+ Staff

Insurance providers define family planning benefits in heterosexual terms, leaving qualified LGBTQIA+ with limited access.
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News | Jun 17, 2022

School Board Uses New Power to Close Gun Ban Loophole

New policy affirms all FCPS school as gun-free and deems all non-instructional facilities as gun-free as well.
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News | May 27, 2022

Capital Pride Recognizes Frisch with 2022 Hero Award

Award recognizes individuals who have positively impacted the lives of LGBTQ+ people in the region.
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News | Apr 28, 2022

School Board Adopts Trust Policy to Keep Immigrant Families Together

New policy aligns with Fairfax County, prohibits voluntary cooperation by Fairfax County Public Schools with ICE.
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