We Support Karl


Federal Officials

U.S. Senator

Mark Warner

Karl understands that being fiscally responsible means stretching every tax dollar to help as many of our amazing students and teachers as possible.

U.S. Senator

Tim Kaine

Karl will work to address overcrowded classrooms, improve access to advanced academic programs, and support much-needed pay increases for our educators.


Gerry Connolly

Karl knows responsible fiscal stewardship is critically important in the quest to make certain every student has a fair shot at success.


Don Beyer


Jennifer Wexton

Fairfax County Officials

Chairman, Board Of Supervisors

Sharon Bulova

Providence District families will be in good hands with Karl in their corner on the Fairfax County School Board.

Fairfax County Supervisor (Dranesville)

John Foust

Fairfax County Supervisor (Lee)

Jeff McKay

Fairfax County School Board (Mt. Vernon)

Karen Corbett Sanders

Fairfax County School Board (Lee)

Tamara Derenak Kaufax

Fairfax County School Board (Mason)

Sandy Evans

Fairfax County School Board (Hunter Mill)

Pat Hynes

Fairfax County School Board (At-Large)

Karen Keys-Gamarra

Fairfax County School Board (Braddock)

Megan McLaughlin

Fairfax County School Board (Providence)

Dalia Palchik

Fairfax County School Board (Dranesville)

Janie Strauss

State Officials

Former Virginia Governor

Terry McAuliffe

Karl understands our ability to thrive in the future is tied directly to our willingness to equip students with the resources they need to succeed.

Virginia Senator

Janet Howell

Virginia Senator

Dave Marsden

Democratic Leader, Virginia Senate

Dick Saslaw

Virginia Senator

Adam Ebbin

Democratic Leader, Virginia Delegate

Eileen Filler-Corn

Virginia Delegate

David Bulova

Virginia Delegate

Mark Keam

Virginia Delegate

Marcus Simon

Virginia Delegate

Mark Levine

Virginia Delegate

Mark Sickles