Karl’s Priorities

Karl will protect Fairfax County’s world-class public schools from risky, politically motivated attacks so that we can ensure every student has a safe, secure, and inclusive school with exceptional teachers and equitable access to the rigorous academic and enrichment opportunities they need to succeed.

Boosting Academic Achievement

Increasing access to early childhood education, advanced academics, STEM, and vocational opportunities. Supporting early literacy and advanced math programs.

Investing in Teachers and Staff

We have increased staff pay three years in a row and must maintain our focus on competitive wages and benefits to retain and attract world-class educators and staff.

Keeping Schools Safe and Inclusive

Doubling down on our work to prevent gun violence, keep schools safe, and ensure all students have an accepting and inclusive learning environment.

Enhancing College Readiness

Helping students sharpen test-taking skills and strategies to enhance student SAT and ACT performance and expand post-secondary opportunities.

Growing Parental Collaboration

Engaging all parents and caregivers in their child’s education to ensure decisions are not made only by listening to the loudest voices in the room.

Removing Barriers to Success

Addressing the specific educational needs of English language learners, students receiving special education services, and other often marginalized groups.

Supporting Student Mental Wellness

Maintaining free mental health support for high school students and providing resources to address these needs among staff and younger students.

Maintaining Bold Environmental Stewardship

Continuing our work to increase energy efficiency, which already saves the school system nearly $10 million each year – money reinvested in student success.


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