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Hosting Take Action News, Karl “Drunk Dials” Congress

Karl Frisch, syndicated columnist and Democratic strategist, guest-hosting the 10/12/13 broadcast of radio’s nationally syndicated Take Action News (formerly hosted by David Shuster) to discuss the week’s top political news.

HOUR 1: Syndicated columnist Tina Dupuy on the Heritage Foundation (aka the group who cried individual mandate), Jodi Jacobson of RH Reality Check on the impact of the GOP-led government shutdown on women, and Annie Weinberg of Progressive Congress on what the Congressional Progressive Caucus is doing to fight back during the shutdown.

HOUR 2: Keegan Goudiss of Revolution Messaging on the viral hilarity that is DrunkDialCongress.org, Eric Boehlert of Media Matters for America on the role the media played in the GOP-led government shutdown, Adam Smith of Public Campaign on the Supreme Court and Citizens United 2.o (McCutcheon v. FEC), Amanda Terkel of Huffington Post on the impact the GOP-led government shutdown is having on rape victims in DC.

HOUR 3: City Councilman Tommy Wells on the impact of the GOP-led shutdown on DC residents and services, Jamie McGonnigal of the New Organizing Institute on National Coming Out Day, Clay Johnson of Department of Better Technology on what really went wrong with HealthCare.gov, David Corn of Mother Jones on what to expect in the ongoing fight over the GOP-led government shutdown and debt ceiling debate.




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