Karl will fight for:

  • Opportunity and Equity for Every Student Regardless of Where They Live.

  • Smaller Class Sizes and Fewer Classrooms in Trailers.

  • Committed, Qualified, Caring and Well-Compensated Educators.

  • Environmentally Sustainable Schools with Curriculum Addressing the Climate Crisis — A Green New Deal for Our Schools.

  • Fiscally Sound Budgeting That Continues Investing in Classrooms and Educators.

  • A Living Wage for Instructional Assistants, Bus Drivers, Custodians, Cafeteria Workers, and Other Staff.

  • Preparing the Workforce of Tomorrow with Increased Funding and Access to Career & Technical Education Programs.

  • Closing the Achievement Gap with High Standards, Challenging Curriculum, and Quality Educators.

  • Inclusive and Scientifically Sound Family Life Education Curriculum that Includes Instruction on Consent.

  • Provide Safe and Secure Learning Environments and Encourage Meaningful Action on Gun Violence Prevention.

  • Increased Funding for and Access to Music and Arts Education Programs.

  • Equality for All Students and Staff Regardless of Race, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Immigration Status, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression, or Family Income.