If elected, Karl will be a bold, progressive voice on the school board who puts equity into action just as he has throughout his career as a progressive policy advocate. He will fight for:

  •  Opportunity for every student no matter who they are or where they live--delivering on the promise of the One Fairfax initiative.

  • Better pay and treatment for teachers and a living wage for instructional assistants, custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria works, and other staff.

  • Smaller class sizes and fewer classrooms in trailers.

  • Green schools that rely on solar power, transitioning to an electric school bus fleet, achieving carbon neutrality, and more, as part of my proposed Green New Deal for Fairfax County Public Schools.

  • High standards, challenging curriculums, quality educators, and improved access to Advanced Academics to help close the achievement gap.

  • Increased awareness and additional funds for counselors and student-centered, support services to address and destigmatize student mental health challenges.

  • Truly safe and secure learning environments, pressing Richmond and Washington for action on gun violence prevention.

  • Responsible fiscal stewardship that continues our investment in educators and classrooms, and looks for savings whenever possible to reinvest in our students.

  • Increased funding for music and arts education programs.

  • Providing scientifically sound information about the nature of addiction and the risks of alcohol, nicotine, and drug use, connecting the families of students who have dependence issues with proven recovery resources, and supporting students in recovery with appropriate options for continuing their education.

  • Improved teacher retention and reduced support staff workloads, to address outcome inequalities between students with disabilities and their peers.

  • Inclusive, scientifically sound, and relevant Family Life Education curriculum that emphasizes age-appropriate instruction on consent and other important issues.

  • Renaming all schools that commemorate the Confederacy.

  • Student discipline that is restorative rather than punitive, to keep students learning in schools and help eliminate disparities.

  • Increased funding and access to Career and Technical Education programs that prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

  • Policies that fully respect the dignity and equality of LGBTQ+ students and staff.