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Republicans Blinded by Anti-Tax Madness this Halloween

October 26 2011 / 09:52 PM

Every year at about this time, I break out my DVD of the 1936 anti-drug propaganda flick Reefer Madness. No it’s not exactly the scariest movie one might choose when getting into the Halloween spirit, but few things are funnier … Continue reading »


An Open Letter to the 2012 Presidential Also-Rans

October 19 2011 / 12:42 AM

Dear Republican Also-Rans: It is time to give it up. You will not be the Republican nominee next year. You will never be Commander-In-Chief. You will never deliver a State of Union address. You will never call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue … Continue reading »


Time For Action On For-Profit Colleges

September 9 2010 / 09:05 PM

The U.S. Senate has been investigating the booming multi-billion dollar for-profit college industry — think University of Phoenix or DeVry for example. What it has found thus far is not pretty: MORE INFO


Newsweek cover (sans asterisk) sure reads like Fox News talking points

September 3 2010 / 02:17 PM

Next week’s Newsweek cover (seen to the right) reads a lot like Fox News talking points — if you exlude the pesky asterisk at the bottom which reads, “who isn’t actually any of these things.” Let’s break it down shall … Continue reading »


LGBT Pride Reception at the White House

June 24 2010 / 10:00 AM

This week I was invited to attend the White House’s LGBT Pride Reception. Here are photos from the event.


Photos from the Inauguration and Surrounding Festivities

January 25 2009 / 11:17 PM

What a blast. My legs have finally recovered from standing or waiting in line and at events off-and-on for hours between last Monday the 19th and last Wednesday the 21st.  Thanks to a good friend who was looking out for … Continue reading »


Yay! President-Elect Obama, Nay! Proposition 8

November 10 2008 / 02:57 AM

I can’t believe the Election is actually over — it has been a long two years.  I’m thrilled that Obama/Biden won and pissed about Proposition 8 in California.  I guess that’s the electoral process though.


WATCH: Obama’s Prime-Time Special

October 29 2008 / 10:43 PM

If you weren’t able to tune in for Sen. Barack Obama’s prime-time television special, I highly recommend taking thirty minutes to watch it on YouTube. That’s $5 million dollars well spent.

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