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Join Me on the Information Diet

If you’ve ever wondered how Fox News and right-wing radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh are able to turn their viewers and listeners into zombie-like followers, you need to read this book and join me on The Information Diet.

Healthy news and information consumption habits are about more than productivity and efficiency. They’re about our personal health, and the health of society. Just as junk food can lead to obesity, junk news can lead to information obesity.

If only we could get this book into the hands of every Fox News viewer and ignorant ditto head. That may be impossible, but we can arm ourselves with the tools my friend and the book’s author Clay Johnson puts forth.

The Information Diet provides a framework for consuming information in a healthy way, by showing you what to look for, what to avoid, and how to be selective. In the process, Clay explains the role information has played throughout history, and why following his prescribed diet is essential in today’s information age.

Clay is a good friend of mine and since this is his first book — and what a book it is – I’m doing all I can to help make its release a success by convincing 50 of my friends to buy a copy at the following link.

The book dispels the popular concept of information overload. Instead, Clay asserts the problem facing many of us is one of “information overconsumption.” The Information Diet guides us through a worthwhile quest to identify, maintain, and make the most of our own, personalized and optimized plan for ideal news and information consumption.

I hope you’ll join me on the The Information Diet by purchasing your copy of Clay’s book today. You won’t regret — your Fox News viewing friends and family on the other hand?

That’s a different story.




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